Helping teams in your business + organisation to capture effective visual stories through drawing, illustration + visual recording.

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Simon Wild

Visual Marketer + Illustrator

Hi I’m Simon, I am an illustrator, a visual thinker and marketer and I help you to capture precious information that can be shared and developed, giving you a visual reference where great ideas can become reality.

I use a process called Visual Recording to create a deeper visual engagement in your group activity so you can effectively archive and communicate your message. 

What is Visual Recording?

Have you ever found yourself walking out of a presentation, a meeting, or a workshop, scratching your head at your notes  and almost instantly having to ask the question:

"What was it we were talking about again?"

Visual recording captures your conversation in real time so your useful information and thoset genius ideas that Sarah and John came up with do not get lost. Visual recording creates a place that brings minds together in unique ways, crossing the boundaries of a linear conversation and creating a collision of ideas that is not always possible in group participatory discussion.

Meaning you get:

1. A great visual archive you can proudly show off
2. A map of shared ideas and observations

3. Supporting material for future project development
4. A visual point of reference for teams to reflect, measure and learn

Not bad eh?

Picture A Useful Picture...

Pictures are powerful. They can entertain, communicate, stimulate a creative conversation and unlock and link together ideas you may not of realised you'd even put forward. 

"Visual Recording can bring much needed clarity in identifying the problem, so you can move forward and develop the solution."

Use Film To Archive The Discussion

"Visual Recording is the perfect process for archiving a group discussion so nothing of value is missed. Creating a timeline offers new ways to 'visually read' a conversation and identify hidden links between concepts, concerns and ideas."

Musician Resilience Thinktank
Ensuring Practitioner Wellbeing In The Context Of Participatory Practice
Snape Maltings, Suffolk


Create Visual Snapshots Of Your Activity

"Visual Recording maps the evolution of a shared thought process, allowing participants to reflect, evaluate and learn from their experience."

"Visual Recording is a stimulating way to present new and innovative ideas and take notes without restraint."

The Future Hospital Thinktank
Stimulating new ideas for collaborative developments in transformative healthcare.
Snape Maltings, Suffolk

"Working with Simon is a joy. He always goes above and beyond, helping create a relaxed but productive environment. His visual recordings are just what we need to present the thinking that has occurred through an intense 24 hour period".

Phillipa Reive

Creative Campus, Snape Maltings

Want To Work With Me?

Through visual recording I am able to amplify your message and create a story so you have the visual data you need to support the activity or project you are developing and make it communicate effectively in today's visual world. 

My goal is simply to provide you with the results you can shout about from the roof tops!

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"We rise by lifting others."
Robert Ingersoll

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