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Scaling your e-commerce business doesn’t have to be done alone. We understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses and are dedicated to your Shopify success. Let us become your e-commerce partner, leveraging our expertise to streamline the process and transform your online store. Our customised solutions and focus on your unique needs will empower you to drive measurable results.

What we offer

Shopify Store Design & Development

Compelling, user-friendly stores that reflect your brand. We don’t just build stores, we create shopping experiences. Our design process blends your brand’s unique identity with proven conversion-boosting layouts. Expect a beautiful storefront that’s intuitive to navigate, encouraging customers to complete their purchase.

Shopify Migrations

Smooth transitions from other platforms, minimising disruptions. Switching platforms can be stressful. We’ll handle your Shopify migration with precision, ensuring all your product data, customer information, and order history transfer seamlessly. Minimise downtime and focus on growing your business, not technical headaches.

Theme Customisation

Unique storefronts that stand out in a crowded marketplace. Go beyond generic templates. We’ll customise your theme to align perfectly with your brand and create a memorable shopping experience. From tailored colour palettes to strategic feature placement, we’ll ensure your store makes an impact and outshines your competitors.

App Integration

Extend your store’s functionality with the perfect tools for your business. We’ll help you select and seamlessly integrate essential apps that streamline your operations and enhance the customer experience. Think powerful tools for marketing automation, inventory management, shipping, and everything your growing business needs.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increase sales by analysing visitor behaviour and fine-tuning your store. Data drives our approach to CRO. We’ll analyse user behaviour, identify friction points, and implement strategic changes to boost those checkout numbers. Get more out of your existing traffic by optimising your store’s design and functionality for maximum sales.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Expert assistance to keep your store running smoothly. We’re your Shopify partner for the long haul. From troubleshooting issues to updating themes or apps as needed, our ongoing support ensures your store stays secure, up-to-date, and optimised for peak performance.

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Our approach

Unlock the full potential of Shopify for your SME. We’ll customise your store setup, design, and integrations to reflect your brand and drive measurable results. Our goal is to turn your Shopify presence into a powerful sales engine.

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Shopify FAQs

Can Shopify handle my expected growth?2024-04-13T16:04:13+00:00

Yes! Shopify is a scalable platform that can grow with your business. From small startups to large enterprises, Shopify has the flexibility to support your expansion and increasing sales volume.

How much does Shopify cost?2024-04-13T16:03:40+00:00

Shopify offers several pricing plans to fit different budgets. Additional costs come from custom themes, premium apps, or expert services from agencies like ours. We can discuss options tailored to your needs.

I’m not tech-savvy. Is Shopify right for me?2024-04-13T16:02:52+00:00

Shopify is designed to be user-friendly, even for beginners. We provide guidance and ongoing support to manage your store. Our goal is to empower you to manage your e-commerce business confidently.

I already have a website. Can I switch to Shopify?2024-04-13T16:02:21+00:00

Absolutely! We specialise in seamless migrations to Shopify. Our team will carefully transfer your product data, customer information, and ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your business.

How long does it take to build a Shopify store?2024-04-13T16:01:49+00:00

The timeline depends on the complexity of your store, but we tailor our process to meet your needs. Simple stores can be launched in weeks, while more extensive builds might take longer. We’ll provide a clear timeline during your consultation.

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